This trip took place in November/December 2008 and began in Marrakech. We drove South through

Toubkal National Park in High Atlas to Taroudant - a place not located on popular tourist routes.

Then we headed to Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador and back to Marrakech.

For the very beginning..  

Somewhere in Atlas  

Asni, the gate and fuel to Atlas  

Asni restaurant - best tagine ever

High Atlas on 1 Dec 2008 - Can you tell me what was that?

Imlil village, High Atlas (1,740m) - early morning

Imlil, High Atlas  

Chamharough village (2,350m) - a place of magic toilets

On our way to Toubkal (4,167m)  

Back to Asni on market day  

Local doubledeckers  

City of Taroudant  

City of Taroudant  

Luggage hatch was filled with sheeps..

Essaouira abstract  

Essaouira - the city of cats

Essaouira harbour  

Essaouira harbour  

Pirate walls of Mogador